Hoddesdon Parish Church

St Catherine & St Paul

Church History

Hoddesdon Parish Church was originally built in 1732 by Robert Plomer, a local businessman. At that time, the town was divided between the parishes of Broxbourne and Great Amwell, and some say he only built the chapel to annoy the vicar of Broxbourne! In any event, it was never used as a place of worship and soon fell into disrepair. Its first priest, Thomas Pickthall was only appointed in 1823 and only then did it become a place of worship and parish of its own with the growth in the town population through the nineteenth century.

The church building was extended in Victorian times to include two transepts and a chancel at the eastern end of the building and the congregation thrived for many years. In 1976, a further reordering was done under the guidance of the vicar of the time, Percy Gandon so that the Georgian and Victorian parts of the building were blended together better. 

Our church building was extended once more in 2012, and we now have three additional meeting rooms (one of which is used as a creche during services), a kitchen and disabled toilet/baby changing facilty.