Hoddesdon Parish Church

St Catherine & St Paul

Church Electoral Roll
What is the Electoral Roll?
At its simplest it's the list of names and addresses of every person who can vote at a parish's Annual Meeting (and any special or extra church meetings)
Who can be on it?
Any lay person (i.e. not ordained clergy) who is baptised and over 16 years old, provided they live in the parish or have worshipped at the church regularly for at least 6 months. It's possible to be on the Roll of more than one church, but in that case a choice must be made over which one church you wish to vote in.
How can I be more involved in the church?
Being on the Electoral Roll gives you the right to vote at the annual meeting (APCM). For many people that will then lead to greater involvement and support for the week to week work of the church in Living God's Love.
What is Living God's Love 
It is the initiative in the Diocese of St Albans which helps us to focus our aims in the Christian life.
.  Going deeper into God... through worship, prayer and study of our faith.
.  Transforming communities...through Christian service in and beyond our congregations.
.  Making New Disciples...through encouraging and building faith in the people of our communities.
How can I show support for the church?
It is At its heart support for the church is our response to God's love. It is
 .  Spiritual (through regular participation in worship services)
.  Practical (through involvement in the week to week activities which support the life and ministry of the life of the church)
.  Financial (in contributing to the financial resources for the parish)

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