Hoddesdon Parish Church

St Catherine & St Paul


The church is blessed with a ring of 8 John Warner founded bells, which are rung regularly before the Sunday 9.30am service, at weddings, on Remembrance Sunday and other national occasions, such as the new Millennium, VE Day and Magna Carta.

The bells were installed in 1901 and apart from routine maintenance such as oiling the bearings and replacing bell ropes, have had nothing done to them in the following 115 years. As a result, due to sustained wear in the running gear, they have become heavier to ring and some exhibit a degree of unpredictability in their behaviour, which makes ringing more challenging than is ideal, particularly for those learning the art of change ringing.

So, in July 2015, a group of the bell ringers and their supporters formally launched the ‘Bell-A-Peal project, a five year programme, with the ambitious aim of raising the estimated £100,000 to take the bells down, refurbish, tune and rehang them, replace the plain bearings with roller bearing sets plus other necessary improvements to the bell and ringing chambers.

Several fundraising events have been successfully held over the past year ranging from a celebration of the Chinese New Year and St. George’s Day to a ‘Crib and Candle’ weekend. Although this Project operates under the auspices of the church, it will not require any financial assistance from the church.

The intention is to raise funds by appealing to the local community, and in promoting and organising this Project, the level of support for, and empathy with the church and the bells, within the local community, has been very gratifying.

The Hoddesdon Tower has a proud record of training new ringers, and upholding the traditions of bell ringing. We hope to ensure that it continues for another 100 years.

January 2016

The Barclay Hall ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2015.         Formal Launch of the Bell-A-Peal

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the end of WW2            Enjoying the Chinese meal


St. George’s Day celebration                       The Church decorated for the Crib and Candle Festival