Hoddesdon Parish Church

St Catherine & St Paul

Young Life fundraising (for camp)

Fundraising for Young life Camp. We are looking for work projects for young people to raise money to go to Young Life camp: ideally helping others outside of Young Life. These projects can be anything that someone 12-17 years of age can do: gardening, mowing the lawn, painting, raking leaves, allotment help, event help, dog walking, babysitting- anything!

The young people will be accompanied by an adult leader at all times. We can have just one person doing a project or up to five - six young people. As far as payment: We ask that you would donate whatever you would pay someone else to do the same task, but we have no set rates.
Please do not give the young people the money directly but arrange with Elise or YL Committee/Leader for payment. 
Email the YL office at hoddesdon@ylinternational.org if you have questions! Thanks very much!
Elise Bernius Young Life international Area Director- Hoddesdon, UK
+44 (0)1992 446965   www.younglife.org